Susan Jørgensen: I Am a Hunter Too expresses the artist’s ongoing investigation of life forces and natural cycles. This volume presents nine photographic series that form the major portion of her creative effort in the 1990s. all of the images are gelatin silver prints embellished by oil painting, pencil, and ink. Found objects—bones, feathers, nests—punctuate the images and render new associations.


Designed by Kimberly Kavish
Edited by Cynthia Anderson and Philip Koplin, Santa Barbara, California

Text paper: Utopia 100# One X Xtra Bright Silk Book
Covers: French fold laminated jacket; black stamp linen cover; embossed endpapers
Bound by Lincoln & Allen Bindery, Portland, Oregon

9.25 x 11.25 inch book
First printing: 2500
Retail: $60

For more information or to order a book, please contact:
Rancho Zorra Editions, P. O. Box 1661, Santa Ynez, CA 93460

Images scanned by Nash Editions, Manhattan Beach, California and Troy Hamilton, Santa Barbara, California
Printed at Haagen Printing, Santa Barbara, California—Four color process with dry trap spot varnish